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Fumigation & Pest Control

Here at Smile Planet we daily provide excellent fumigation and Pest Control services to our clients with a clear goal to bridge the gap between their desire and satisfaction, we deploy world class equipment with our  fully trained experts. Our staff have years of experience in Fumigation, Food Safety Pest Management, Fogging and Non-toxic Alternatives

Rodent control
Apartment fumigation
Residential fumigation
Warehouse fumigation
General insects and pest contro
Fumigation consultancy services

To us Fumigation & Pest Control are way more than removing unwanted pests or insects–including termites and ants–or rodents from a building environment but we take ours a step further  by removing  pests from soil  foods or from items being shipped. Generally, One of our fumigation processes involves the use of a lethal gas to suffocate or kill the unwanted pests.

Our chemicals are World Health Organization (WHO) certified. They are effective for combating pests such as termites, rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bugs, spiders, ants, flies, geckos, lice, bees, wood borers, snakes, fungus diseases, viruses, bacteria, etc., and have no effect on humans and are environment 

We also advise you on the best available techniques and procedures to meet your needs and all health, safety, environmental and regulatory requirements.


After the process, our chemical typically remains in the area being fumigated for a set number of hours, which may be different  based upon the same factors that affect the dosage. The average fumigation period is between 7 and 14 hours.

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