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Estate Facility Management

How do you keep a property running properly when there are so many moving parts involved? And how do you do this on top of managing your business operations within the space?

So you Don’t have to worry about the day-to-day management of your facility; let us the professionals do it for you. Our team of Facility managers come in to offer a world class facility management solution through coordinating and operational management of facilities. They range from us providing high-level decisions on how best to gain return on investment through strategic planning, with those involved with the day-to-day management and operations of facilities.

While the scope of each space’s facility management will vary, our solution as  facilities manager typically oversees both the interior and exterior of properties, we will often manage the maintenance of landscaping, parking lots, exterior lights, other common areas , and professional services can include:

Security services
Critical systems management
Business support services
Maintenance and repair duties
Janitorial and housekeeping duties
Proactive/predictive maintenance
Catering and hospitality services
Environment, health and safety issues

As a facility management company we completely  understand that  a property should evolve from three specific areas:

Legal document inspections
Physical property review
Market analysis

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